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Chad Kenzie Studios

Consciously taking digital media into web 3.0

Who we are

We are an award-winning creative team comprised of digital media, entertainment, communications, PR, and technology experts that produce next-level immersive content and distribute it across a variety of media channels.Whether you're developing a new platform on the blockchain, launching an AR/XR app, or integrating Web 3.0 technology into your existing business; Chad Kenzie Studios effortlessly translates client PR messages into inspiring multimedia stories.

We Work With VOD streaming, Metaverse, NFT, Podcast, and AR/VR/XR Platforms


• Creative Direction and Development
•Digital Media Production
•Public Relations and Media Coverage
•Media Training
•Immersive Experiential Marketing and Events
•NFT Curation and Utility Design
•Community Engagement

serving the digital media industry since 2012

Our Previous Work

Our team has produced show-stopping media in collaboration with:•Apple TV
•Spotify Originals
•Warner Bros. Entertainment
•Deluxe Digital Media
and more!

Decentralized Storytelling

Chad Kenzie Originals

We produce and distribute original content through in-house media outlets; showcasing the work of our team of resident futurist thought leaders, artists, tech innovators, and journalists.

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